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How can i stop this sweetest taboo

Good evening joro, i how can i stop sleeping with my girlfriend's friend, she is hot and always available. Her office is close to my place. Im an architect and works from home.

She comes to my house to use my toilet claiming that so many ppl uses their office toilet. And anytime she come we must make love.. joro "make love" is an understatement.

She fVcks the hell out of me and tells me to take it easy with my girlfriend when she comes over.. she is from owerri and very brilliant, uses classes as if she no dey sin.

Joro if u see her hips and waist, lord have mercy. Joro, becos of this mad sex i cant summon courage to propose to my girl.. joro my girl is beautiful, rich but is very shy. Whenever i want to go down on her she would lift my head and that is that.

But this her friend seats on my face and and rolls around. (I don die.) I love my chic. My birthday is around the conner and i want to marry my woman, i dont think it would stop her friend from wanting to break my p3nis. And i dont know if i want her to stop.

Help me joro. Make i no go call my girl by her friend's name

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