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HYGIENE!! My gf and her long nails

HYGIENE!! My gf and her long nails. Her sister brought this to my relationship.
Gd evenn Joro. More all you want in life. To my issue.

My gf sister came from US in December n introduce her to this long devilish nails to fix on her hand. Me I don't like the nails from day 1.

Some have diamonds n all. My issue is this Joro. Hygiene of it. The nails pack shit n dirty. Ever since the December to now my gf nails is always dirty and she Try to feed me and the most worry one.

Her bum is not properly cleaned. Maybe her sister not give her 2/2 tutoring on his to clean bum with long nails ba. Now some time during s3x or after "doing" my bed sheet will be stain with shit. My hand have pack shit particles I swear to God to made me.

I am frustrated. Some girls on this table with dirty bum will insult me n say why do I bring it here. I'm frustrated. She should use normal nails. If I don't bring to stranger or Joro for advice I can't tell my family. They will look at her with bad looks.

I told her once but she said am stupid. I have pix of my bedsheet with shit. I'm frustrated.

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