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Olamide Finally Clears Doubts; He's A Buccaneer Cultist?

A social media commentator once said Nigerian and artiste and cultism are like bread and butter, and they look for one way or the other to display their affiliation to whatever fraternity they belong to just as Olamide happened to have done on this video.

In a previous article of mine, I uploaded photos of Olamide with members of the Buccaneers fraternity hanging out together, but someone said; because Olamide was seen smiling comfortably in the midst of these youngmen on yellow beret with ease, does it mean he is alora? The answer is No!

However, I beg to differ this time, because this is becoming a reoccurring decimal. You either find Olamide wearing Yellow berret, handing out with members of BAN or wearing souvenirs with the Buccaneers insignia.
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Now, back to my question; Is Olamide a Buccaneer member?

I will leave you to Juxtapose, but before then look at the inscription on Olamide's face cap. It reads Ahoy!

AHOY: This is an orientation or capping or communication code used by the first two confraternities in Nigeria who pride themselves as Sailors. These are the Pyrates confraternity and the Buccaneers fraternity.

Ahoy is popularly used by members of the Buccaneers fraternity to call on its members. It is
a call used to greet members or call attention of BAN members from a distance


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