Dear Joro, conceal my identity please* Please how do I stop squirting. I feel embarrassed and uncomfortable after squirting because of how my boyfriend reacts 5..

After the whole sex which he would literary want me to squirt he will say stuffs like make sure u wash the blanket, wash pillows cases , wash Bedsheets and all I obviously don't have a problem with that.

My problem is when he makes it mandatory that I don't give to a dry cleaner I should wash them myself and am tired of washing coz those bedsheets are f***king heavy. Please give me advise on how to stop squirting.

I can't go through around of sex without squirting 3 to 4 times U have no idea what it means to spill squirt and start thinking oh Lord another heap of bedsheets, he makes me feel very bad when I squirt it even in the middle of sex he will just stop and get angry that I mess up the entire bed OP .

I'll immediately get dried even with how slippery I feel. OP IP).- The last arguments we had he drop me off at my place and decided to kiss me, one thing lead to the other he touched me down there and me na I can't even hold it that's how everywhere burst with squirt.

I just started begging, he told me to go down of the car IP I felt so bad.And he has refuse to pick my calls .


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