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My sister set me up. Am pregnant for my sisters husband

Hi Joro. Good afternoon Sometimes in 2018 I moved in with my sister and her husband place. My sister beg and beg me to come and stay. She said I can go out as I like.

She will give me all her hairs and bags. Anytime I want to leave she will beg me to stay. I notice she will say I should sit on her husband Laps. She will say I should go and give her husband food in the room. When I enter he will he wearing boxers alone.

Her husband started making moves on me and I tried to tell her but she will interrupt me. I fell for him and we started having sex in 2019. I notice he wants unprotected sex. Me I like skin skin to but I use to give him condoms. He will say No. then another thing. I notice my sister will be monitoring my period.

Her husband will say I should not take postinor 2. It was confusing me. Last month I found out am pregnant for him.

 I was so scared and afraid. My sister came and said have not bought pad that am I pregnant. I say yes and she just hug me. I started crying. She said she knows it's for her husband that she can't be pregnant.

She beg me that I should not abort and I should I should not tell our mother. That I should I give her the child and she will pay. That the months of carrying the baby I should learn computer studies and he living in her house. I am confused. Because it looks funny to me. Her husband come and gave me money.

 I don't mind it. She should have told me from the beginning I would have done it with my boyfriend and I won't tell him. Now I have some feelings her husband. Am confused. If you post anonymous please


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