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Next thing, I was showered with squ!rt fluids. Damn!!!

My name is Alex Oluwatobi & I'm confused!

When I was in 200 level, I met Funke who joined my Dept through A-levels. One thing led to the other & we got talking. I started developing a special likeness for her.

She is a natural beauty, nerdy, well endowed (front & back 💯).
I summoned the courage to ask her out, but i was turned down. She said the best we could be is just friends as she is in a serious relationship.

Few months after, I tried again but still met a dead end. So I decided to drop it & agreed to be in the friendzone.
We were true friends with no strings attached. Though, we made out once but nothing after that. She was the complete package. She sleeps over in my room without things happening. We've seen ourselves more like brothers & sisters.

Her boyfriend was a very rich Lagos boy.
His family is affiliated to one of the strong Lagos politicians, not jagaban. He comes visiting with lots of goodies which Funke always share with me.

He'll always threaten me subtly, "if you touch my babe, I'll cut off your thing" he'll say.

I wasn't thinking of having...

...a GF as I was getting all the necessary attention and care from Funke. I've never been a sex freak, so sex wasn't my priority at all. I just wanted to always talk to Funke, sleep, eat & make sure I read so as to make the 2.1 (2nd class upper) I promised my uncle(sponsor).

Luckily, I made the 2.1 in Computer science as promised. I immediately got a job after NYSC, so I'd to move to Lagos from IB.

By this time, Funke & I barely see but we talk virtually everyday.

The gidi struggle was real, I was living in Ikorodu while my office was in Ajah.

By this time, Funke has started working with one of the new generation banks in VI.

We were still keeping up but not like we used to. Lagos palava!

Funke always flaunt her BF on every social media platform. I loved their love life, but a part of me still likes her...

...so much.

Old flames die hard they say.

Earlier this year, I was invited by one of our clients to a gala night, that was were I met Chiamaka.

Pretty, yellow, curvy, clean from head to toe!

Chiamaka is the Head of Digital Comms. in her company.

She's a BIG GIRL!
I don't know what came over me, maybe it was the Jameson whiskey I was sipping because on a normal day, I wouldn't have the effontery to have a nat with this lady, as she seems way out of my league.

We got talking & damn she's very cool. Her smile keeps blowing me away.

We exchanged contacts & talk every blessed day

I got a little raise at work so I moved to a nice apartment in Ogudu. I also got some new stuff for the house. Chiamaka was like the lucky charm I needed in my life, as things started falling into places.

I gisted Funke..

...about everything and she seems very happy for me.

I have visited Chiamaka once in her apartment but she has never been to mine, no issues.

Sometimes in February, Funke was posted to the Ketu branch of the bank she works with. She called to tell me, & also...
... asked If she could stay in my place for the one week training.

It's Funke nah, so no wàhálà!

That night, she came & we'd to catch up about everything.

I told her I was going to ask Chiamaka out on Valentine's day. She screamed and hugged me, I hugged her right back.
The hug & her sweet smell brought back memories, but I'd quickly shook myself to reality.

I asked about her BF & their plans for the future. She just waved it off with a smile.

For the 5 days, she slept in the room while I slept in the sitting room. It's a mini flat.

I asked Chiamaka out on Valentine's day, got her cake from @TheCakeChancery, sneakers from @Danny_Walterr, airpod from @thepodshop_ng, 2 expensive wines & lots of chocolates

She loved it!

She also got me shirts, chinos, clipper, cake & Jameson whiskey. I was blown away!
On the 22nd February was my birthday, I wasn't really expecting anything from her after all she did on Valentine's day. But guys, I never knew the val gift was just a tip of the iceberg.

Just name it, the only thing she didn't buy for me was a house and a car.
For the first time in my life, I flaunted her and the gifts on all my social media platforms. I was overwhelmed with joy!

By this time, Funke was done with her one week training, so she is back to her place on the island.

That weekend, I invited Chiamaka to my apartment.

Immediately she stepped inside, I lifted her up gently, she dropped her bags & flung her slippers, she locked her legs round my waist & we started kissing.

Carried her to the couch, gently removed her top while I caress her soft body. Her skin is like fresh hot bread.
Brought out lots of ice cubes & one cold Jameson. Placed some of the cubes on her nipples & navel, some in my mouth, some in her mouth & some inside the glass of whiskey.

Bed by Jholiday was playing quietly from the woofer.

We exchanged cubes till it melted into our soul.
Her lips tasted like raspberry, I can't get enough of it. I went down on her with new set of few cubes in my mouth, her coochie was clean, pink & soft, dripping like erin ijesha water fall.

To cut the long story short, we didn't have sex that night, we made sweet LOVE.
She left the next day.

While I was basking in the euphoria of what just went down, I checked my phone and saw 18missed calls.

15 from Funke, 3 from Mum.

Called mum back twice, she wasn't picking, so I called Funke. Immediately she picked and started para-ing.
Ha... Egbámi!!! 🙆‍♂️

Funke, "what did I do?" I asked.

She started saying stuff like "you don't care about me, is it because she is a rich girl? You don't even look at me, you don't talk to me, you just treat me like I don't exist, you don't pick my calls."

I was surprised!
Very confused 😕😕!

She continued, "I was on the mainland yesterday to drop what I got for you for your birthday. I called and called and you didn't pick up... blablabla"

I apologised and asked where she was, she said she is back to the island. I apologised again...
and I promised I would see her before the week runs out.

I called her the next day, she wasn't picking. Sent her a text, she didn't respond. So I concluded she was still pissed then I decided not to bug her again.

I got back from work, only to meet her at my gate. 😲

"Funke, what are you doing here?" I asked.

She said she needed to drop my gifts and also apologize for acting up; besides, she has another training the next day and she will be willing to crash over.

I also apologised and told her "no problem" regarding crashing over.

I was...already asleep on the couch as usual when I noticed a white towel dropped on my face, I removed it & opened my eyes and there she was, stark naked.

"WTF!" I mumbled, she shushhed me, then gently pulled down my boxers, removed my top & started with my nipples...

...and i lost control, I became weak, I started saying meaningless stuff. I never knew that nipple sucking could be that heavenly.

Wait, is that the way you ladies feel when we...? Well, that's a question for another day.

She took the game down to the meaty mic...

...and she sang till I feel my soul drain out of my body.

"Goddd, what's happening?" I whispered. She looked me in the eyes, smiled & placed one of her breast in my mouth.

I instantly STFU & in mins D is up.

I'm more of a love making guy, but that night she fvckeddd meee...

I tried to stop it but I was too weak to do shit.

She sat on my dick right on the couch and rode me like a spartan army taking his horse to war.

She didn't allow me do a thing, she was the one in charge of the whole gig. While this was going on, she whispered into my ear...
"I want to fuck Chiamaka out of your system"


Then she continues, "I want you, Alex I want you. You are the best thing to ever happened to me since we became friends. Just say the word and I am all yours..."

"Tobi, we are the best for each other"

"Just say the word"
I said the "WORD" and she held me tight and suddenly bursted into tears, her whole body was vibrating.

Next thing, I was showered with squirt fluids. Damn!!!

So apparently, the boyfriend's parent does not like her as they already have a politician's daughter they've been...
... packaging for him.

Infact, the guy seems to be currently dating the babe so he pays attention to Funke no more.

I've been shuttling btw the 2 ladies for over a month before the lockdown & here are my observations.

-Funke is very neat, but Chiamaka is extremely neater.

-Funke is all about investing in businesses and being your own boss while Chiamaka is all about Canada residency.
-Both can cook but Chi knows more about varieties and food art.
-Funke has met my parents several times but Chiamaka said its not yet time.
Let me introduce myself all over again!

My name is Alex Oluwatobi and I am really really confused.

Let's talk, matured responses only!


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